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It's off a ways, her sense for bad.
It's covered up nice by his pretty face.
She says I'll forgive again, he means well.
Everything he says is just so perfectly dressed.
And I bet it feels good when he says im sorry.
Oh I bet he's so so sorry.
And I bet it feels great when you make up.
Oh wake up.

She's taken three now,
the first one is just how every girl dreams
that it will be. Times running low now,
The warnings are less now.
He's gonna be the end of her one evening.

He thieves and breaks whats left to take.
Cause the first one is always the worst.
Do you want everything he says he'll give you?
You define your meaning of the truth
and wait for him. He says he tries so hard.
Just one more chance girl. And yet again,
he's painting pictures so beautiful,
that youll forget who drew them.
You'll forgive and you'll forget
for three more years until you're finally safe.

I think she's had, I think she's had about enough now. I thinks shes out, fresh out of failing herself.
The window latch, the window latch is broken loose now, I think she's got, the strength to lift it.
She's found her way now, we all lose it somehow, cause this worlds so big it wraps around your eyes. You're worth it, you're worth it, you're worth it.
You're standing up now and you found your way. Taken, she's breaking yeah, out of what she hates. Leaving, she's walking, yeah she's not looking back. Oh now she sees how loving her should be


from Heal Yourself, released June 16, 2010



all rights reserved


Safe or Brave Jackson, Michigan

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